Latest Updates To Allkpop Buzz ...

Check out my latest updates to my Allkpop Pages - groups that I have missed, kpop merchandise and regular competition that I am hoping to bring to you here.

The Kpop scene is evolving and there are constantly new groups being discovered by YG Entertainment, S.M. Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment which is great news for us.

With new groups to idolize and more music hits for us to appreciate, I will continually be adding and updating new groups and comebacks here.

So, do come back often to check out my additions on what is Buzzing HOT!

1. Starting with my newly added "

Competition " - a chance for you to win the "Big Bang Show 2011 DVD" ...

2. Many of us have been searching frantically for kpop merchandise and what better way than to bring them for you to browse and check the merchandise out within the Kpop Store.

Note: I have currently closed the Kpop Store but please find the merchandise within the respective artist's pages.

Check out the buzz with:

1. After School

2. F (x)


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