Why Beach Shores In South Korea Attracts Thousands!

Beach shores in South Korea are lined with thousands of locals and tourists during the summer season. The choice is simple -- Do you want to spend quality time relaxing along the shores or are you just interested in water sports? Whatever the choice, select and book your hotels early to get the perfect holiday retreat getaways are there for you and your family.

Some Popular Beaches In South Korea

Haeundae, an affluent water front community, attracts tens of thousands of Korean tourists. With 12 km of coastline and along with Seogwipo, it is Busan's most popular hotspot in Korea tourism.

Busan is the so-called summer capital of Korea since it attract tourists from all over the country to its six beautiful shorelines in South Korea.

High class hotels and a carnival boardwalk line the Haeundae district, which is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful in South Korea. Byeonsan Beach is renown for its silvery white sand lined with fir trees.

Gwangalli is famous for its cafes, bars, and restaurants. During summer, and especially on the weekends, the famous shorelines in South Korea becomes a veritable wall of humanity with more than 100,000 people packed in on a narrow one mile strip of sand.

Sokcho has a fantastic view of the translucent water when it merges with the silvery white sand to create the amazing scenic view.

Jungmun is a popular surfing attraction on the south coast of Jeju Island of South Korea.

Wido is engulfed by mountains and has shallow crystal clear water.

Some of the best shorelines in South Korea can be found in Samcheok on the east coast. Its silver sand shores are edged with pine forests and it also boasts some of the biggest caves in the country. The Soraksan National Park is also home to more fine beaches and hot springs.

Water Sports In South Korea

Shorelines in South Korea make a good venue for water sports. Visitors will find plenty of facilities for water sports along the southern coast and islands.

The best time is from June to November, but swimming, paragliding and whitewater rafting are possible year-round.

There are numerous scuba diving centers with diving classes, equipment rental and air tanks along the beaches and strips will be especially packed with locals and tourists, so make sure you check out the hotel accommodation early to avoid disappointments.

Cheju-do Island (one hour by plane from Seoul) is the most popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. The water surrounding the island are also considered exceptionally good for deep-sea fishing, so, make sure you compare and choose your hotels carefully for help and advice on tours and organized fishing trips.

Standard facilities for windsurfing, water-skiing and boating are widely available in all coastal resorts in South Korea.

On the south coast, Samcheunpo has a geological gem amongst its water sports and sunbathers; dinosaur footprints. Visitors flock to the Dinosaur Park to see the ancient prints in the rocks that skim the shore.

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