Sokcho Beach Puts Sokcho-si On the Great Tourist Destination Map

Sokcho Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Korea tourism as it attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world and offers the opportunity of relishing the diverse charm that forms an intrinsic aspect of this popular beach.

The Sokcho Beach in South Korea with its average depth of 1m is 450m long and the breadth ranges from 45-80m.

One can easily find out the Sokcho Beach for about a walking distance of 500m from Sokcho Express Bus Terminal.

The fantastic view of the translucent water merges with the silvery white sand to make the scenic view at the Sokcho Beach marvelous.The nearby pine forest complements the exquisite beauty of the Sokcho Beach. The close proximity to Seorak Mountain attract many tourists as many hikers visit the Sokcho Beach on their way to Daecheongbong to Seorak-dong from inner Seorak area.

The Sokcho Beach along with Seorak Mountain, Cheoksan Hot Springs, Cheongchoho, and Yeongrangho plays a very significant role in establishing Sokcho-si as a great tourist destination.

To the left of the Sokcho Beach, there are no dearth of places where one can enjoy the enjoy hwaleo hoe (fresh sashimi).

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