Wido Beach - Fabulous Swimming Beach and Sea Fish-Hooking

Wido Beach in South Korea is a widely popular tourist spot which is noted as a fabulous swimming beach.

The excellent scenery of the Wangdeungdo Island makes a favorite tourist destination to the nature lovers as this beach remains engulfed by the surrounding mountains and its shallow crystal clear water makes it tremendously popular among family vacationers.

While visiting the Wido Beach one should also plan a tour of the entire island and enjoy sea fish-hooking.

Take a bus bound for Busan (Hanamseon Line) at Central City Terminal (Seoul subway line No.3, Express bus terminal Station), it takes 3hrs 10 mins. / First bus is at 6:50, last bus is at 19:30 / Intervals are between 50-60 mins.

Take a bus bound for Busan at Dong Seoul Terminal (Seoul subway line No.2, Gangbyeon Station), it takes 3 hrs 40 mins. Intervals are between 100 mins. First bus is at 7:40, last bus is at 17:40.

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