Byeonsan Beach aka "Haesuyokjang" - 1st Beach

Korea Tourism - Byeonsan Beach in South Korea along with the Daecheon Beach and Manripo Beach is acknowledged as the three most popular beaches on the west coast of Korea.

Byeonsan Beach is renowned for its silvery white sand beach which gets best complemented with the nearby cozy shelter of the fir trees. Byeonsan beach was named Korea's very first beach, "Haesuyokjang", in 1933.

The most important aspect that plays a crucial role in the wide spread popularity of Byeonsan Beach in South Korea is its long stretch of 2km long white sand beach which blends perfectly with Bangpungrim, the windbreaker fir forests. The low tide allows the white sand beach to extend out so far so that one can relish a leisurely stroll for 30 minutes to reach the end.
During the summer days, the Bangpungrim provides balmy cool shade and during the winter time it also obstructs the cold wind. The low tide occours twice a day and the beach looks particularly beautiful during these times.

The visitors can taste the fresh fruits and vegetables that are produced in the surrounding mountain areas of the Byeonsan Beach and can also enjoy fresh seafood from the nearby fishing villages.

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