"So ...... What Is Your Fascination With South Korea?"

South Korea is an amazingly colorful and vibrant Country so my fascination is a No brainer - it's definitely allkpop and kimchi but it's history and culture for mum! International visitors like my mum may indulge in the festivals and a tour of the Buddhist Temples to witness the Buddhist heritage there but the nature lovers love the National Parks and Nature Tours to flower villages, bird watching, mountain trips and cherry blossom trials in various parts of South Korea.

With over six million tourists visiting this country every year, Korea tourism is on the rise. It is no surprise that it is often referred to as 'land of the morning calm' and it is such a vibrant and colorful place. The Korean Peninsula is located in North-East Asia with China and Russia as the neighboring countries. It is indeed in a unique geographical location and is considered a very valuable piece of land and an international hub of Asia.

My family, relatives and friends just cannot understand my passion and fascination about this country but I love their history, heritage and culture, their traditional dressing and costume, the many attractions, the entertainment buzz with the hot-to-trot allkpop and the yummy yummy food.

All things Korean - from food and kpop to eyebrow-shaping and shoe styles - are the current rage across Asia where the pop culture has long been dominated by Tokyo and Hollywood.

The climate in South Korea is temperate and is split up into four different seasons: Spring (March to May); Summer (June to August); Autumn (September to November) and Winter (December to February). But, when is the best time to visit to experience the beauty, the attractions, the festivals and not melt in the heat or frozen in the cold? Find out ...

Seoul is the Capital and is a lively commercial district and a leading tourist destination. Amongst the must visit landmarks in Seoul are the Royal Residences which are UNESCO World Heritage listed.

Not that long ago, Korea's best known cultural export was kimchi, the pickled cabbage and chilli dish known for its fierce pungent spiciness. In fact, whether you are adventurous in trying out the norm foods, or just prefers to enjoy South Korea food, you will fall in love with the signature dishes like kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi, Korean BBQ, galbi and snacks like the colorful varieties of moochi and more...

Colorful Varieties Of Mooch

If you are a beach goer, Busan is nothing short of a paradise where you can find beautiful swimming spots with clear blue waters. If watersports is the name of your game, you will be delighted with the facilities and activities available. Try paragliding, whitewater rafting, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, swimming, boating, windsurfing and water skiing.

I am sure everyone will be spoiled for choice as practically all types of tourists are catered for - adventure seekers, sports buffs, history and culture lovers, sightseers or you just want to get away from the nerve wrecking city life for a while, take a trip to South Korea for your much deserved holiday vacation like I did!

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