Magnificient Janganmun Gate Used By King!

South Korea history - Palaces and Forts - Janganmun Gate in South Korea is a part of another historical relic in South Korea known by the name of Hwaseong Fortress.

The beautiful fortress was constructed by King Jeongjo in memory of his father Prince Sado who is known to commit suicide due to the tortures inflicted by King Yeongjo.

The fortress took two years to complete from 1794 to 1796. The Hwaseong Fortress has four gates among which the Janganmun Gate is considered one of the largest.

The fortress was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1997.

There are four gates to enter the Hwaseong Fortress. The Northern Gate is known as the famous Janganmun Gate in South Korea.

  • The Janganmun Gate is one of the largest gates of the fortress. It commands a surpreme position because it was considered that the king will enter through this gate while arriving from the capital city of Hanyang. The term Jangan meant capital and so the direction in which the gate was facing, carried the connotation of being a secondary capital
  • The splendid and artistic design of the Janganmun Gate in South Korea conveyed the desire of King Jeongjo's desire to shift the capital to Suwon

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