Gwongeumseong Castle - A Fascinating Sightseeing Destination

Gwongeumseong Castle in South Korea is a must see as it is the place which houses the ancient ruins of Mt. Seoraksan Castle which is also called Mt. Onggeumsan Castle, or Toto Castle.

South Korea is home to several forts, castles, temples, valleys and cultural villages. The forts and castles are found in and around Seoul in South Korea, although most of them are in ruins. The surviving ones are huge draws for tourists and visitors.

Seoul is the ideal entrance to the Korean peninsula. Amongst the castles and forts in South Korea, this Castle is a must see as part of South Korea history.

Tucked away in the steep Dol Mountain of Mt. Seoraksan Songongwon area, Gwongeumseong is a fascinating sightseeing destination

  • It is said to have been built by the 23rd King of the Gorteo Period (918-1392), Gojong (1213-1259 reign)
  • Legend has it that two generals names Gwon-Kim built the castle to avert war. The castle was named after them
  • From the left side of Sogongwon, walk past the Biryonggyo Bridge over the ravine
  • A path leads to the Castle. It takes over an hour of travel through a rocky path. Cable cars are availed of
  • The cable car was launched by Dr. Gi-Sup Lee in the year 1971 and is still availed of by several tourists. Its services operate from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It leaves with seven minute interval
  • The plateau of Gwongeumseong is home to 80 section of rocks and you can catch amazing views of the East Sea and city of Sokcho from here
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