Gongsanseong Fortress - Historic Site From The Baekje period (234-678)

The richness of South Korea history - Palaces and Forts - Gongsanseong Fortress brings in travelers from far and wide.

Korea boasts of historic sites, forts, palaces, temples, national parks, valleys, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, hot springs and cultural villages. Forts, palaces and castles are huge draws for tourists. Castles and fortresses embody the turbulent history of Korea.
The Korean countryside is punctuated by several castles and fortresses, most of which are in ruins now.

The existing ones are found in Seoul, the chief gateway to the Korean peninsula. Korea has suffered almost 900 invasions.

The fortresses were constructed to protect the people against foreign invasions. The first fortifications were made of mud and timber in 2 B.C. With technological advancement, modern techniques were used in the building of castles and fortresses.

Gongsanseong Fortress in South Korea enbodies historical and cultural richness and is a fine example of a mountain castle of the Baekje period (234-678) located in Gongju-si.

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