Suanbo Hot Springs Totally Heals And Relaxes You!

Suanbo Hot Spring is located in North Chungcheong and is a major attraction amongst tourists and locals alike.

Korea boasts of many historic sites with palaces and forts, temples, national parks, waterfalls, beaches and cultural villages.

Palaces and forts embodies the country's cultural and historical richness and attracts visitors in droves. However, hot springs are also another major draw for tourists and travelers thronging through the country.

Suanbo Hot Spring makes for an unforgettable bathing experience and also has appealing healing properties in the water.

Suanbo village is steep in history with a thousand years behind it making the place a hot spot amongst ancient emperors and presidents.

It has actually existed since the time of King Hyonjong of the Koryo Kingdom in 1018, where luminaries in the likes of Yeon Chang-wui, son-in-law of King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty and Minister Gwon Nam gathered.

The acidity level of the water is 8.3 The water is colorless, tasteless and odorless. The rich minerals in the water are effective in treating neuralgia, skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and fatigue.

With the mountain against the backdrop, the hot spring is a huge draw for visitors. In Spring, indulging in dipping in this hot spring is an unmatched experience.

You can choose from the best accommodation options available near the hot spring as the hotels are well equipped with modern amenities like spa and sauna.

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