Jikso Falls - Truly Awe Inspiring

Jikso Falls in South Korea is located at Haebyonsan, the inland area of Byonsan bando. It is an area that is popular for Naesosa temple, Gaeamsa and the Ugum mountain fortress and of course Jikso Falls.

Naesosa is located int he south of Byonsan bando, one of the eight beautiful destinations of Korea and is regarded as the highest temple in this area.

Located in Mt. Byeonsan Peninsula National Park, Jikso Falls in South Korea is found in a basin surrounded by the majestic Ongnyeo Peak, Seonin Peak and Ssangseon Peak of Byeonsan.

You will find steep inclines with imposing peaks and azure water flowing through the valley.

Vibrant Korean rosebay and royal azalea, autumn leaves or snow-capped landscapes make up its exquisite scenery.

Jikso Falls measures 30m in height. The cascading waterfall makes ripples and sounds against the delicate and rocky inclines.

This breathtaking creation of nature is truly awe-inspiring.

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