Dogo Hot Springs To Relax And Heal

The origin of Dogo Hot Spring in South Korea can be traced back to the Silla Dynasty but it was only in 1975 when it grabbed the attention of the public.

You should not miss exploring the Asan locality which has a legendary existence with its hot springs and magical healing myths.

While thousands of tourists come to this area to experience the divine effects of the Asan Hot Springs, Dogo Hot Springs or Onyang Hot Springs, these sites also reflect the social traditions and faith of the visitors from across the world.

There are also other places of attraction in this area but you will find many tourists coming here to surrender their trust to the therapeutic effect of the hot springs.

With another 25 hot springs in the area, visitors and locals take to the Dogo Hot Spring for its healing power in relieving stress, skin disorders, stomach and intestinal disorders, joint discomfort, rheumatism, diabetes, reproductive disorders, digestive conditions and many more ailments.

Locals and tourists flock here for another reason - to be pampered and for beauty purposes. The water here contains nearly 8.7 percent of hydrogen like silicic acid, natrium, magnesium and other elements.

You will also be impressed at the growing infrastructure around the Dogo Hot Spring to suit the needs of visitors, both local and tourists.

While the local hotels and inns have sauna facilities, the Dogo Resort offers condominiums, golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, horseback riding services and many other amenities for tourists.

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