Hwaeomsa Temple Is Renowned For Its Lantern Festival

Hwaeomsa Temple in South Korea History will lead you to exploration of Korean Buddhism. Buddhism as a religion and philosophy has left deep imprints on the Korean society and its traditions through its long time presence so much so that Korean history and culture remains practically incomplete without the mention and tracing of this religion.

As you tour the country, you will notice that the Buddhist heritage embalms event he buildings, sculptures, paintings and handicraft works spread across the topography. Here you will be offered the right perspective to delve into the recesses of this religion blended into the niches of the Korean society.

This temple houses the four National Treasures of the Country - that of the Stone Lantern and a Three-Storied Pagoda supported by four Stone Lions. You can spot the temple on the slopes of Jiri-san in Masan-myeon of Gurye County in the province of Jeollanam-do.

Hwaeomsa Temple with its ancient pagodas to impress you was built under the Silla Dynasty in 544 but reconstructed after it was gutted in a fire. Come here to visit a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

Do you know that the lantern festival is the most important festival in the country as it celebrates Buddha's birthday through the "Feast of Lanterns" organized on the boulevards and this temple is renowned for its lantern festival.

You will find many tourists flocking to the Hwaeomsa Temple during the lantern festival.

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