Baegyangsa Temple - architectural, sprituality ... calmness

Baegyangsa Temple is probably one of the most popular and plays a huge part in South Korea History and tourism. If you don't visit temples while touring South Korea, it would be a straight miss.

These beautiful temples displaying architectural splendor, spiritually and calmness is a reflection of the rich heritage and culture of South Korea. This temple is considered as a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

It is one of the temples that will not only attract you towards its preaching philosophical order but also towards its beautiful setting in the boughs of nature. Thus, whether you are a nature-lover, a religious follower or a tourist seeking beauty and pleasure, this Temple welcomes you heartily.

It is located at Bukha-Myeon Jangseong County in South Jeolla Province and was founded in 632. It was constructed under the Baekje Kingdom on the slopes of Baegam-san in Naejangsan National Park.

Meaning "white sheep", this Temple stands for the legend of the Goryeo period according to which a white sheep listened to a sermon and then attained enlightenment to paradise.

To reach the temple, you can board a bus from Gwangju which will take one and a half hour at a cost of 4,000 won. The smaller ones like Naejang Temple within the National Park still houses Buddhist monks and you can usually see them strolling around the compound.

With a pointed mountain in the background, you can see a Buddha shrine with lighted candles and incense. The ambiance of the natural setting with butterflies, lush greenery and the quiet neighborhood are bound to impress you.

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