Juwangsan National Park Boasts Royal Azalea Festival In May!

Juwangsan National Park in South Korea is situated in the North Gyeongsang Province and is part of an awesome mountain range called the Taebaek Mountain Range as it forms the main mountain ridgeline of the entire Korean Peninsula.

The slope of the mountain range is home to lush green forests and is extremely important from the commercial perspective of the country.

The Taebaek Mountain Range covers a total length of 500 meters and is estimated to have a height of 1000 meters. The mountain has a steep slope towards the East and falls into the sea. The West however, has a gentler slope.

A highlight of Korea Tourism which brings tourists here in droves is the Juwangsam Royal Azalea Festival which is held on an annual basis during the first week of May.

The North Gyeongsang Province is an Eastern Province that came into being in the year 1896 and was formed out of the Northern half of the former Gyeongsang Province. Daegu is the largest city in the province and enjoys the reputation of being the provincial capital.

This National Park was officiated in 1976, covers an area of 107,425 square kilometer and is ranked the 12th National Park in South Korea

You will not want to miss visiting the famous Daejeonsa Temple which is an important pilgrimage place for tourists and locals alike.

There are two hermitages within the premises of the park; Juwangam Hermitage and Baekryeonam Hermitage.

In the valley, you can find a lovely waterfall named Dalgi by the locals.

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