Gayasan National Park, Scenic Site Home To Wildlife

Gayasan National Park in South Korea is often referred to as the Kayasan Mountain National Park.

Covering an estimated area of around 80,000 square kilometers, it stretches from the top of South Gyeongsang Province to the bottom of North Gyeongsang Province.

This Mountain National Park is part of the Sobaek Mountain Range and attributed with two titles, was designated as a scenic site in 1966 by the Korean Government. It came to be known as a National Park in 1972.

The wilderness and aloofness of the park had saved it from the hands of the Japanese invasions between 1592 to 1598.

There is an old saying stating that this National Park is safe from the hands of three disasters namely fire, water and wind. This virtue has made this National Park the most valued National Park in South Korea.

The highest peak of the Sobaek Mountain Range in the Gayasan National Park is called Swangwangbong with a height of 1,430 meters above sea level. There is a rich wealth of scenic beauty and historic relics. Haeinsa Temple , one of the foremost temples of South Korea representing the teachings of Lord Buddha is the main attraction here. The other relics consist of a rock carved statue of a 'Standing Buddha'.

Amongst the natural beauty, you will find Yongmun Falls and the Hongnyudong Valley are the crowning jewels here and so it is no surprise to know that the Gayasan National Park is home to more than 380 species of plants and 100 species of birds and animals.

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