Passes in South Korea including the Hangyeryeong Pass are an integral part of hills and mountains as they can be the only way which allow access through the mountain ranges.

Passes have always played an important role in history and have helped in trade, migration and war. The Hangyeryeong, Jinburyeong and Misiryeong comprises of the three ridges of Mount Seroksan.

This Pass, which spans the Taebaek Mountain Range is also known by the name of Sodongnaryeong or Osaengnyeong. This mountain range forms the main ridgeline of the Korean Peninsula.

Spanning over a total length of 500 meters the mountain range is 1000 meters in height. Amongst the prominent peaks are Mount Kumgang, Mount Odae and Mount Seorak. The Taebaek Mountain Range is the source of the Nakdong River and Han River of South Korea.

The beauty of this Pass was enough impetus for the poet Jeong Cheol, a well known poet during the reign of King Seonjo of the Joseon Dynasty, to write a poem entirely dedicated to this Pass. He crossed the Pass after being appointed the governor of the Gangwon Province

This Pass which is a link between Yangyang-gun and Inje-gun, has an estimated height of 1003 meters. It serves a commercial purpose as well as aids in sightseeing and provides the connectivity between inner Seorak and South Seorak.

There is spectacular view as well as view of the 7 brother's Peak and the Jujeongol Valley is just awesome from the Pass.

The topography of the Pass is just perfect for the hiker's to plan out an adventurous expedition. For a welcome break, try the Hangyeryeong Service Area.

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