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Jikjisa Temple Stay Program is an alternative to hotels stay. The regiion of Gimcheon where the temple is located is halfway between Seoul and Busan.

The Seoul-Busan train line and the Seoul-Busan Expressway also pass by the area. If you enjoy train travel, then you should visit Gimcheon where there is usually a local bus waiting just in front of Gimcheon Station that will take you right to Jikjisa.

The history of this temple spans more than 1600 years. It was founded during the reign of Shilla King Nulji (418 CE) by Ven. Ado, and during the Joseon Dynasty, the temple's influence was so great that it even owned part of downtown Gimcheon.

The name "Jikji" which means "Pointing directly" comes from an expression in the Seon (Jap: Zen) School, "Pointing directly to Original Mind". It also refers to the fact that Ven. Ado pointed out that this spot was a good location to build a temple. It can also mean that during the Goryeo Dynasty, temples were not built using rulers but instead measurements taken by hand ("Ji" also means "finger").

At the entrance is a small park that people use as resting place, which goes to show how luxuriant the forest surround the temple is. Not only that but within the temple grounds there are various types of flowers and trees that bloom at different times of the year making the place really magnificent.

Of course, people want to stay as long as they can in the ancient temple buildings. There is a story that if you see the baby Buddha first when you go into the Vairocana Buddha Hall that you will give birth to a son, in other words good things will happen to you.

Jikjisa Temple Stay Program

On the second Saturday of every month there is a program called Temple Stay: Sharing, Slowness and Emptiness.

Another program offered from Friday to Sunday on the fourth weekend of every month is called O-You_Ji-Jok (Be Satisfied with Whatever You Have) and is oriented towards practice.

The programs all differ slightly as some are oriented more towards experiencing nature whereas others are focused more on the actual practice of Buddhism.

There are also group Temple Stay Programs suitable for businesses or institutions.

Fast Facts

216, Unsu-ri, Daehang-myeon Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Phone: +82-54-436-6084
Fax: +82-54-436-3174

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