Winter in South Korea is Brrrrr!

Winter in South Korea is usually cold and dry. Temperature can go below 8 degrees celsius in Seoul City. Look at my cousins, all wrapped up and still feeling the cold.

All of the four seasons differ from each other and winter turns out to be very cold and the longest season out of all, as it begins in early November and ends by the end of March.

January might be considered the coldest month as the temperature falls below zero degrees and the most frequent temperature is -7 or -8 degrees.

Despite the low temperature in South Korea, winter is not characterized to be snowy and most of the snowfall occurs in mountainous areas with little snow in urban areas.

It is much different from the rainy summer season and winter as cold as it is, is quite dry.

Most of the time, cold days are followed by the warm days and oppositely, cold ones return, which form a seasonal continuous chain that makes South Korea's climate original, and the winter months is a distinguishable feature of the South Korean weather.

In addition, temperature at the southern coast is much higher than that in the mountainous regions and apparently the difference int he temperatures of south and north is the vividest in winter.

The difference in temperatures of different regions throughout the country, may even differ up to 25 degrees.

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