Spring is astoudingly beautiful in South Korea

South Korea Climate - Spring is astoundingly beautiful.

If you are thinking of visiting South Korea but is just not sure when to go, then you should know that Spring is one of the most comfortable season for visiting tourists.

You can enjoy sightseeing in sunny afternoons as the temperature is not high enough to disturb you.

As for the evenings, they can remain warm so you can plan outdoor activities like dinners and walks.

In the middle of Spring, temperatures can fall below or stay between 17 and 21 degress celsius.

So, what kind of clothing do you need to bring with you?

Probably a light jacket as it can get a little bit on the nippy side at night.

Take into consideration though that Spring here can be delayed to start in April rather than March so do not be surprised to hear from visiting friends that it snowed at the beginning of Spring.

Another detail to be very aware of in Spring is "Yellow Dust".

Due to the pollution problems in China, the winds bring along thin dust which might dull the blue sky a bit and thus decrease visibility.

Luckily this 'yellow dust' effect does not happen constantly.

Some are also afraid that yellow dust causes throat soreness but that is not really the truth unless you spend an extreme amount of time outdoors or have a prior history of respiratory problems.

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